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What all dads must know when raising a son

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Dads have a key advantage when it comes to raising boys; they were once boys themselves and they can relate with them on a deeper level than a mother can. Mothers can raise good men, but a father leads by example and has a huge impact. There is no manual to raising a boy, rather a child, but certain methods have been found to work. Keep experimenting with these tried and tested method and find what works for you and your child.

Principles of raising a son

Be present
Availability plays a huge rule, be it mentally, spiritually or even physically. Spending time together builds a bond which when missing, can lead the child to spend their entire life trying to fill it.

Practice what you teach
If you said it, do it. And after doing it, live it.

Never stop with the lessons
Humans are always learning and adapting to different situations. Nothing is ever the same. Instilling lessons in your child helps equip them to better face the future.

Value their contribution
Helping helps boost someone’s self-confidence and self-esteem

Giving a sense of value
Which is important for the growth of the child.

Encourage hard work
Hard work is a strong foundation from which a child can build a healthy future.

Pray together
Prayer builds faith and a sense of purpose. Building this comfort in prayer shows him the privilege and power that comes from knowing God.

Encourage them and value their dreams
Just a word of encouragement can mean all the difference to someone. It will not take a lot of effort from you but it can push someone to better themselves and urge themselves not to disappoint you.

Affirm them
Congratulate them when they do something great and show that you are proud of them.

Help them in finding solutions
Don’t just solve their issues for them, help them get confident in whatever they do. Allow them to make a few mistakes but always guide them in the coming to conclusions since this boosts the problem solving and leadership skills.

Teach empathy
A basic necessity for everyone but it is surprising how many people do not practice it. Teach them how to view certain situations from a different point of view and it reduces the chances of being hurtful to other persons.

These ten steps can help in improving the relationship between a father and a son.

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