Total discipline is our strength
and value addition our guarantee

Students the laboratory - Kitengela Boys High School, Boys Schools in Kitengela
What You Need To Know

Why choose our school

Kitengela Boys High School is well equipped to meet the demands of the 8-4–4 syllabus. The school is a boys boarding school with adequate provision of good boarding facilities for its students. Students are served a well-balanced diet.

Kitengela Boys High School offers special subjects such as Computer Studies and Agriculture.

Due to our good reputation we have been admitting students nationally and beyond i.e. from Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda and more. The school is run and administered by highly qualified personnel whose interest and energy is centered on the welfare and total development of students.

We have parents meetings and academic clinic days annually to discuss students’ progress.

Self-Development Beyond The Classroom

Co-curricular activities

To nurture the students’ talents and gifts, the school participates in co-curriculum activities and has often proceeded to REGIONAL & NATIONAL levels in music festivals, ball games, science engineering fair and more. We also have termly programmes to cater for:
Basketball team students - Kitengela Boys High School, Boys Schools in Kitengela
Students in class - Kitengela Boys High School, Boys Schools in Kitengela
What You Need To Know

School uniform

The following set of uniform is provided in school upon payment of KSh 15,000.

1) Go to Safaricom Menu.
2) Select Lipa na M-PESA, go to Pay Bill option.
3) Input Family Bank pay bill number 222111.
4) Input account number 071000020563.
5) Enter the amount.
6) Enter PIN then confirm to proceed.
7) Forward the payment notification to the accounts office on telephone number 0718 581 888for receipting.
8) Collect your receipt at the accounts office then use it to collect the uniform from the boarding office.


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School Requirements

Student school items

Parents are required to provide the following items:


1 blue-high density mattress size 21/2 by 6 inches, 2 blankets, 2 pairs of bed sheets, 1 pillow and 2 pillow cases,6 Inner wears, a pyjama.


Towel, soap, toilet paper, shoe polish and brush, comb, toothpaste and toothbrush, pegs.


Holy Bible (R.S.V), dictionary, Golden Bells, Kamusi, Macmillan Atlas, African Writers’ class reader / Motivational book, Geometrical set, Discovering Maths Book One by Oxford, 2 reams of photocopying paper, 12 A-4 Book covers, 1 ream of foolscaps, 12-A4 exercise books and one (3 Quire Note book).


1 labelled metal box, 2 metal buckets duly labelled with student name, 1 spoon, a plastic mug and plastic plate, 3 padlocks, a pair of black shoes (not high heeled), black sports shoes / black rubber shoes, black sandals (from Bata). Cloaks and slippers are not accepted.


Medical certificate, 2 passport-size photographs, 2 springs files.

Download admission forms

Kitengela Boys High School is a private 8-4-4 curriculum boys school. Select the class you wish your son to join to download the application form.